Petroceramics was founded in 2003 and was the first spin off of the University of Milan. Since 2007 we have been working with Brembo to project and develop advanced materials for automotive applications. Our R&D activities focus on carbon-ceramic material for brake discs manufacturing and friction materials for brake pads.
Nowadays Brembo SPA is a share holder of Petroceramics. Over the last five years Petroceramics has managed R&D projects and productions commissioned by Brembo SpA for a total value of 8M€ in the Carbon Ceramics Brake Sector.
In 2008 we were conferred the Quality Management Certification.
In 2009 we moved to “Parco Scientifico e tecnologico Kilometrorosso” in Stezzano, near Bergamo. Thanks to existing agreements, Petroceramics can have access to the plants of Brembo in case of specific needs, namely the production of big components which might require big facilities. The production site of Brembo in Stezzano is equipped for the production of thousands of ceramic matrix composite (CMC) parts. Petroceramics can rely on this technical and productive capability.
In 2010 we started to develop advanced ceramics for ballistic protection. Our expertise lies in boron carbide based and silicon carbide based ceramics obtained by means of liquid silicon infiltration.
Besides the R&D services we provide to our customers, we do have our own R&D projects, mostly addressed to automotive applications. Our expertise focuses on the design of innovative material architectures for ceramic matrix composites, mainly aiming to improve mechanical and thermal properties.
We have recently developed and patented an innovative polymer system for the matrix of composites operating at high temperatures. This brought us to launch an innovative pre-preg, whose trade mark is C-preg400.

The history milestones of Petroceramics

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