Petroceramics is a specialist in designing and manufacturing innovative materials and components
for a wide range of applications in the aerospace industry.
We can provide a superior range of solutions and advanced materials featuring dimensional stability, strength, stiffness and chemical resistance. We have the capability to manufacture high quality ceramic components to tight specifications. Our expertise enables us to work in partnership with our customers to develop highly competitive customized solutions including:

  • Composite materials
  • SiC- SiC
  • Carbon
  • Thermal barriers and coatings 

Petroceramics developed a ceramic matrix composite in cooperation with CIRA which was registered with the trademark “ISiComp®”. 
This CMC is a Cf-SiC composite obtained by a LSI process applied to a pre-preg-derived carbon preform. A dedicated coating deposition technique was also studied in order to apply a Silicon Carbide coating for oxidative protection. 

ISiComp® SEM cross section showing the composite microstructure

This material has been qualified in CIRA's SCIROCCO Plasma Wind Tunnel (PWT) for the first time in May 2018.
Reusability of the coated CMC was also demonstrated in the same facility. During this test campaign, two samples were subjected to a high-enthalpy hypersonic flow at a speed of approximately 14,000 km/h, which is capable of generating a surface temperature of 1250 °C. Each sample of ISiComp® was exposed to 6 PWT test cycles that corresponded to an overall full exposure to plasma flow of 4200 s.
The analysis of the samples subjected to this test campaign showed the excellent behavior of the material that has not undergone any changes, neither in terms of weight, nor in terms of mechanical characteristics.
Therefore ISiComp® had confirmed its characteristic as a completely re-usable material which makes it suitable for the manufacturing of both thermal protection systems and thermostructures for space transport systems.
A further recent improvement of Petroceramics capability is the possibility to produce large dimension pieces. Over the last year Petroceramics upgraded its infiltration furnace in order to manufacture the Space Rider full scale flap. A model of approximately dimensions of 660x900 mm was successful produced ( and undergone to mechanical tests.

Space Rider full scale CMC flap manufactured by Petroceramics in cooperation with CIRA


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