The need of alternative, environmentally friendly and less impoverishment energy resources have spurred increasing use of energy generated from renewable sources. Since years Petroceramics is actively involved in researching and optimizing alternative materials that can be use for energy production, transformation and storage.

In particularly we are working on more reliable and efficient materials that can be used for electrical energy storage systems or batteries capable of reversibly storing and releasing electrical energy

We have developed solid electrolytes based on beta alumina with specific composition by introducing different elements that acts as dopant and stabilisers and featuring increased active area and decreased diffusion distance. Thanks to an extensive activity we have designed a very straightforward and cost saving process, which include optimization of starting material preparation, shaping and sintering

Petroceramics is also involved in the EU funded project AMPHIBIAN that aims at creating inexpensive, non harmful ferrite-based permanent magnets for energy conversion. Such magnets are envisaged for several technological applications e.g. motors and generators, medical technology, the automotive industry, computer engineering, and household appliances, among others.


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