Carbides are compounds consisting of carbon and less electronegative elements like non-metals (e.g. boron, calcium, or silicon) or metals (e.g. cobalt, tantalum, titanium, tungsten, or vanadium). Carbides are characterized by high hardness, resistance to high temperatures, abrasion and corrosion. They also feature high thermal and variable electrical conductivity. Due to their properties, carbides are used in key industrial applications and several fields including space, mechanical, chemical, and power engineering as well as microelectronics. Carbides can be employed as abrasives and in cutting, drilling, grinding, and polishing tools.

Petroceramics has wide experience in the synthesis and characterization of silicon carbides by reaction bonding, sintering and silicon infiltration. Our lab is fully equipped to manufacture different parts by conventional ceramic forming processes and that can be sintered in large-size furnaces in different atmospheres up to 2400°C.

We deal with several materials and process for the development of different carbides including:

  • Pressureless and pressure sintered SiC, TiC, ZrC, B4C and TiB2
  • Silicon infiltrated SiC
  • Reaction-bonded and recrystallised ceramics
  • Composite materials on the basis of particular carbides including SiC, TiC, ZrC, B4C and TiB2

It is also possible to produce carbide materials and parts to your demand. Contact us for further information.

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