Carbon fiber-reinforced carbons (C/C) are composite material consisting of a carbon matrix reinforced with carbon fibers. C/C composites feature attractive properties including high strength, toughness, thermal shock resistance and low coefficient of thermal expansion. C/C use is dedicated to very high-performance and high-cost applications, such the automotive and aerospace technology. 

Petroceramics has significant experience and expertise in the fabrication processes, testing and prediction of C/C behaviour at extreme conditions. We can create C/C composites with complex geometry and structures at different scales and outstanding properties for different and specific applications, by combining a specific fiber-type (from unidirectional fibers to multidirectional woven preforms), and additives.

We have a detailed, thorough knowledge of different thermal treatments and we have a dedicated oven for CVI and graphitisation up to 2400 °C.

We are currently building an innovative oven for carbonisation.

Moreover, our fully equipped and specialized lab enables a complete C/C characterization of our customer's material.

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