Fiber reinforced polymer composites (FRPC) are of increasing relevance for developing high-performing temperature-resistant components and for replacing metals in high temperature-resistant components.

Petroceramics has an extended experience on FRPC as well as on pre-ceramic resins and processes. We have developed a patented manufacturing and cost efficient process based on polymer impregnation and pyrolysis (PIP) suitable for the large scale production.
We can fabricate carbon fibers-ceramics composite materials by densifying pre-pregs or chop fibers with different types of resins to improve the ceramic matrix crystal order and material performance.

NEW !!!! High operating temperatures polymeric composites


Carbon fiber based polymeric composites feature lightness and outstanding mechanical properties but their applications are limited to relative low temperatures. For example, epoxy resin based composites, which are the most used, usually cannot work above 200°C. On the other hand, cyanate ester resins can be used for composites with higher operating temperatures, but are usually expensive and rarely can work above 330°C.

To overcome such drawback Petroceramics in collaboration with Nano-Tech spa has patented a new class of thermosetting resin based composites that can continuously operate up to 400°C without thermal degradation. Further advantages are cost effectiveness and no serious safety issues.

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