Microwave and induction sintering are alternative process to conventional sintering and offers several advantages such as shorter processing times, high product yield and unique microstructure and properties

The advantages of microwave sintering result from the direct molecular interactions with the electromagnetic field that deliver microwave energy directly and simultaneously into the sample's whole bulk. The penetration of microwaves and conversion to thermal energy within the material leads to a volumetric heating and rapid, uniform heat-up of the bulk material.


In induction sintering the heat is produced within a mould when it is subjected to an electromagnetic field generated by and induction heater. The advantages of this processing technique are the independency of pressure and inductive power and suitability to even powders with a liquid phase.

Thanks to Petroceramics facilities microwave and induction sintering can be applied to various ceramic materials and composites for the fabrication of components for various industrial sectors.

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