Petroceramics analytical laboratory is at the core of our scientific R&D solutions and staffed by multi-faceted skilled and experienced researchers and technicians. Our unique approach applies multiple methods of physicochemical analysis and state-of-the-art instrumentation to help clients understand a product's structure, mechanical properties, chemistry and the correlation between material's micro-structural features and thermo-mechanical behaviour.

Besides standardized material characterization, we can develop innovative and customized analytical protocols and combine advanced methodologies to face challenging tasks and meet specific client's requirements.

We can support research and development activities for your company or become your R&D laboratory. 

Our equipment includes:

Analytical instrumentation Characteristics
Electronic microscope SEM
Accelerating voltage: > 300V
Magnification: up to
Resolution: 3.0nm at 30kV and 15nm at 1kV
Image: secondary and backscattered electron
Microanalysis with Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDX)
Electronic microscope SEM
Accelerating voltage: 0.3-30kV
Magnification: up to 300000x
Resolution: 3.0nm a 30kV
Image: secondary and backscattered electron
Microanalysis with Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDX)
Possibility of Low Vacuum Analysis
X-Ray diffractometer Geometry: Bragg-Brentano
Reproducibility: ±0.0005°
Monochromator: graphite
Anode: Copper
Detector: NaI (Tl), with reading speed of 105imp./s
Laser granulometer Size range: 0.02-2000µm
Accuracy: <1%
Reproducibility: variation <1%
Optical dilatometer Heating range: RT-1200°C
Heating rate: 0.01-30°C/min
Temperature resolution: 0.1°C
Sample dimension: 45x5x5mm
Precision ? (K-1): 0.05·10-6
Reference standard: UNI EN ISO 10545-8
Thermal conductivity and diffusivity    Heating range: RT-1100°C
Heating rate:0.01-50°C/min
Samples: cylinders of ? 12,7 or 25.4mm, thickness 1-10mm
Measurement range: 0.01-1000mm2/s (thermal diffusivity)
Measurement range: 0.1-2000W/(m·K) (thermal conductivity)
Reference standard: ASTM E-1461
Dynamometer Maximum load: 15kN or 250kN
Flexural test
Rectangular samples with section max: 20x100mm
Span max: 500mm
Compression test
Cubic samples: max side 100mm
Reference standard: ISO 10545-4:2004
Dynamometer Maximum load: 2.5kN
Flexural test
Samples: section area 40-100mm2
Span: 0-1000mm
Working speed: 0.0005÷1000 mm/min
Displacement resolution: 0.081 micron
Accuracy: Class 1 ISO 7500-1
Reference standard: ISO 10545-4:2004
Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer Types of load: Compression, Tension, 3-Point Bending and Dual Cantilever
Maximum temperature: 500 °C
Force Range: ± 500 N
Dynamic Strain: ± 1 mm to 1,5 mm
Static Strain: up to 35 mm
Frequency Range: 0,01 - 100 Hz
tan δ: 0,0001 - 100
Stereomicroscope Eyepieces 10x/23 Br. Foc.
Front optics from 0.63x to 5.0x 
Ring illuminator and Double spot illuminator
Polarization filter set S, consisting of fixed analyzer and rotary, annular polarizer
Microscopy Camera Axiocam 208 color

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